Investment Conference

The Queens Hotel, Leeds

Wednesday 15 May 2024

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What are experts thinking? How are markets reacting? How can returns be generated in the evolving landscape?

Challenge your thinking and discover investment opportunities by finding out about funds from 12 different fund management groups that RSMR rate. 

Hear from new faces with a fresh take on markets and investments, expand your knowledge and unearth investment opportunities. Broad expertise covering asset allocation and portfolio construction right through to global macro and risk outcomes. 

Feedback from our first Leeds event in 2023:  

'Probably the best investment conference I've attended - every presentation was highly relevant'

'Dominic was a fantastic moderator and kept everything flowing raising pertinent questions'

'Very insightful and engaging!'

'Excellent speakers with a good story to tell'

'The City Centre location was fantastic'

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This event is FREE for advisers and attendance qualifies for structured CPD


Registration Closed

This event is FREE for advisers and attendance qualifies for CPD.


Registration for this event is now closed, please check back soon for highlights from the event.

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